Invest in SA’s future by creating and supporting your own unique bursary programme

Section 29 of our constitution stipulates that all South Africans have the right to a basic and a further education. To ensure this, our government promises to take reasonable measures in progressively making a further education more accessible and available to learners. This process however is complex and slow, resulting in the sad reality that […]

Second chances for more than just our foster children…

At Care Protect Invest South Africa (CPI SA) we kicked February off with a bang. We started an online shop on Facebook where we sell unwanted items that was donated to us. Our Facebook page name is Second Chance ( You can like and follow our page for bargains and treasures from a forgotten era. […]

Let your corporate social responsibility programme create optimal value

We live in an era where consumers are bombarded with information. Through social media and the internet, knowledge and information are shared between millions of consumers worldwide, exposing the workings of small and large companies. Businesses can no longer ignore the participation of a larger audience in their operations. Companies should take a stance on […]

’n Korporatiewe maatskaplikeverantwoordelikheidsprogram wat optimale waarde skep

Ons leef in ’n era waar verbruikers gebombardeer word met inligting. Kennis en inligting word via sosiale media en die internet tussen miljoene verbruikers regoor die wêreld gedeel en lê die funksionering van klein en groot ondernemings bloot. Besighede moet besef dat ’n groter gehoor deelneem aan hulle bedrywighede. Deesdae moet maatskappye standpunt inneem oor […]