Foster Care

Corporate Social


CPI SA administrates several sustaining programmes making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Underprivileged family & ECD feeding programmes. We believe that every child is entitled to a fully tummy, so that they are able to optimally learn as they grow.

Personalised training & skills development programmes by Utopia Institute. Study Fund programmes granting the youth a prosperous future to positively contribute towards our country.

Short and long term, impactful outreaches to alleviate poverty, and to encourage self empowerment.  Everyone is entitled to basic care, love and safety.  We support all initiatives fighting violence, bullying, neglect and violation. 


CPI SA established and manages several sustainable projects to educate and empower individuals, offering them hope, independence, self-worth and prosperity.

Private Foster Care Homes:
The vast shortage of functional foster care homes and the deterioration of our country’s social and public services in general, are some of the main reasons why we are committed to make a difference.

Transforming SA Children’s Courts to child friendly environments:
Support our ongoing battle to make SA a better, safer place for children.

Foster Care homes

When children are granted the opportunity to be nurtured within the safe walls of a home, they become independent individuals who can positively contribute to society and our country’s economy.
The placement of vulnerable children in loving homes is our calling.
Each of our homes are anchored within a stable community, involving schools, counsellors, business people, psychologists, social councils, statutory services, donors and caring groups. Our holistic aim is to change every foster care facility into a home where children can thrive and become superb human beings.
CPI SA can assist individuals and companies to successfully establish an intimate home for foster care children.
‘Our Future’ Foster Care Home in Pretoria
Our Future Home is more than just a foster home. It is a loving home with brothers and sisters who live and learn together, helping and guiding each other while having loads of fun! The intimate facility can house up to ten children.
  “Our children feel safe, secured and loved. I wish everyone could have had the same starting-blocks in life. However, the reality for these children differs. Our foster home focuses on equipping children with an education, the necessary skills and values so that they can vigorously take on their future with confidence!”- Dinah Bronkhorst, founder of CPI SA
To make a R20 contribution to our foster homes, click here, or SMS the word HOME to 40112.* SMS costs R20 (Terms & Conditions apply)

Corporate Social responsibility

Apart from offering sustainable CSR opportunities, we also assist companies to establish unique solutions that will directly benefit their local community, create awareness and reach their target market. CPI SA’s unique model can be implemented seamlessly, effortlessly, and successfully within any organization or company’s framework.

Let us help you turn your annual (tax deductible) social budget into a sustainable investment.

Foster Care Club

Inspired by World Foster Care Month celebrated in November, CPI SA in 2019 launched a Foster Care Club supporting South African Foster parents. The club serves as a connection to bring foster parents together.

Parents can send their:

  • Questions;
  • Messages; or
  • Thoughts and struggles to CPI SA.

We will reach out offering help.

Alternatively send us an e-mail:

Bags of Mercy Initiative

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women (GBV). The Bags of Mercy Initiative mobilises women to become an invisible friend to an abused woman by gifting a handbag – old or new – filled with things that can make her rediscover her self-worth.

Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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  • Bursary programmes granting children a prosperous future.
  • Counselling & Trauma support for sexually abused children.
  • Community Homes to support needy children/teens (Grade 1 to 12).
  • Skills Development programmes to combat unemployment: Soft skills, Handy work, Trade.
  • Development programmes: Financial Management, Safety and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Training Environment programmes: Arthur Project, K9 Watchdog.
  • Transforming SA Children’s Courts to Child friendly environments.


By means of our Foster Homes, Day Care Centres, FAS Caring Homes and Underprivileged Family Feeding programmes we offer individuals a safe place to live, learn and thrive. Please support our caring initiatives and feeding schemes.


CPI SA’s innovative interventions are designed to promote education, social and economic development. Thanks to the loyal support of individuals and companies we create opportunities for underprivileged people to rise above their circumstances by offering:

  • Study funds, Study Loans and Bursaries.
  • Education and Training.
  • Housing and viable community projects.

Let us help you to build and grow your Social Responsibility portfolio effortlessly! Learn how to optimally apply your annual social budget to benefit both your community and your company.