Utopia Institute

Care Protect Invest SA is delighted to partner with Utopia Institute.  They are presenting an End-User Computing Course to 25 underprivileged students who are funded by Care Protect Invest SA through a generous sponsor.

Utopia is an experienced South African based Education, Training and Development (ETD) Service Provider that ensures pre-eminent, quality training solutions.

They have more than 30 years cumulative experience in ETD across a range of economic and public sectors. They provide generic and customised ETD solutions and thrive on a value-based ethical way of conducting business.

Utopia has a team of professional, experienced, qualified and accredited staff and associates to ensure that their learners enjoy the best learning experience, resulting in implementation and application at the workplace, growth, development and profitability.

Utopia’s social dynamics bear a perfect reference to youth development, by offering skills development programmes and initiatives relevant to the education of youth unemployment, and producing skills related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Their learning programmes equip their target audience with applied competencies to apply all the acquired knowledge, skills and abilities at their workplace.

Utopia strives to stay abreast of best practice in the ETD fields and continuously improve to deliver the best offering to all stakeholders.

Learning interventions are offered in a blended methodology – distance learning (online or other mediums), with classroom training.  Thus supporting adult learning principles where adults are allowed to acquire knowledge and skills based on individual learning preferences.

Care Protect Invest SA is excited about the excellent progress of our first 25 students in Gauteng, and will expand the training that Utopia provides to our projects in the Western-Cape.  By looking at the students’ feedback, it is evident that the training will pave the way for these students and promises the beginning of a bright future for each of them.  Thank you Utopia, you are the best!