Who we serve

Whether you are a company or an individual, CPI SA brings social responsibility to your doorstep! Befriend yourself with our organization and learn how to rejoice in giving.

As South Africa’s leader in Social Development Project and Fund management, we understand the need for peace of mind, and therefore we ensure that your contribution truly makes a difference. CPI SA offers a variety of sustainable projects and programmes that you can support.  Alternatively we can assist you in establishing your own initiative which benefits your chosen community.

CPI SA’s unique model can be implemented seamlessly, effortlessly, and successfully within any organization or company’s framework.

CPI SA can create and manage a unique administrative and financial project plan that exclusively serves your Social Responsibility needs.

Our primary obligation is to provide the best possible risk adjusted return on your donation(s). After-care and client service are an important part of our effort.

CPI SA’s services include:

  • Trustworthy integration between companies and communities. 
  • Manages and administrates individual funds/projects strictly according to the donor’s/company’s wishes.
  • We protect both our donor and beneficiary through our comprehensive corporate systems and contracts.
  • Feeding programmes, immediate effect short-term outreach programmes, as well as long term solutions (e.g. training and self-sustainability) forms part of our objectives.
  • Our aim is to provide focused support with continuous feedback to our donors.
  • We make sure your donation is used in a transparent manner, and for which it is intended, investing in people and empowering them!

CPI SA was born out of a need to serve. For nine consecutive years the founder, Dinah Bronkhorst, was confronted with the need to take care of, protect and invest in children to enable them to become extraordinary beings. 

She believed in the potential of people and dedicated her calling to help the less fortunate thrive!

By establishing CPI SA in 2019, she committed to change the fate of thousands of South Africans by empowering them. Dinah’s colleagues share her focused vision on making South Africa a better place.


People need to be healthy and cared for, they need to be fed and clothed, they need to feel safe and secure.

Only then can they be empowered.

Dinah and her team are thankful to a group of wonderful anonymous fieldworkers and loyal donors who assist them in making CPI SA’s projects and programmes successful.

Dinah Bronkhorst

Founder / Director

Tel: +27 12 111 8039
Cell: +27 72 126 1158

Melani Lategan

Western Cape Project Coordinator / Director

Tel: +27 61531 6500

Dr Rodney Seale

Project leader: Western Cape

Tel: +27 83676 1111

Zander Jacobs

Driver: Pretoria

Tel: +27 12 111 8352
Cell: +27 72 126 1158