Mercy Bags


An invisible woman

CPI SA’s Mercy Bags project, which originated with the singer Corléa and Mamilla Fashions, aims to give abused women something beautiful and practical in a very difficult time.

In South Africa, thousands of women live in daily fear of the next lashing. They cannot flee, because they have nothing. 

Mercy Bags asks women to become an invisible friend for an invisible woman by gifting handbags, old or new, filled with anything that can make the life of an abused woman easier after escaping.



You, and only you, can make the decision to break the cycle of violence.  

You must never live in fear, you must never accept that what is happening to you is NORMAL or ACCEPTABLE!  You and your children deserves to be safe and loved.

  • Always make sure that you and your children are safe
  • Trust someone enough to tell them what is happening to you – reach out!
  • Save the trusted person’s contact details on your phone as an emergency contact.
  • Make sure to show your children what to do / how to escape when your lives are in danger
  • Always keep an extra set of house keys safely hidden
  • Always keep important documents in your possession (Id’s / medical aid cards / bank cards)
  • Make sure that your phone is fully charged at all times
  • If you are planning to leave your abusive partner, do it while he is not there


SAPS: 10111

LIFELINE: 086 322 322

Humanitas Training & Counselling

Humanitas is a wonderful organization that provides counselling courses to graduates, which enables them to specialize as wellness counsellors. In order to qualify as wellness counsellors, interns need to work 220 hours in communities.

Care Protect Invest SA have partnered with Humanitas to give interns the opportunity to be placed at one of the many projects and/or organizations that we support.  Two interns, Anmar & Suzanne, was placed at the Pearl Project in Croydon, at their Family Transformation Centre, where they already made a massive positive impact.  They helped with counselling in sexual trauma, childhood trauma, physical, alcohol & drug abuse.  They also attended weekly workshops to learn more about substance abuse, to further equip them to address this massive issue in communities. 

Feedback regarding the interns from the Pearl Project: 

Both these ladies have been such an asset to our project.  They displayed a positive attitude and had been able to adapt easily to our needs.  They were at all time extremely professional.


They took so much initiative in meeting the needs of our community.  They were accommodating in every sense of the way.   They paved the way forward for us by helping to establish a Family Transformation Centre .  They established a substance abuse group  under really difficult circumstances.  Had  T- Shirts made for themselves  helping to “Brand” the idea of  them being there to help the community.  Once I connected them with Help me Network, they immediately made use of this learning opportunity.


We grew very fond of these two girls, and we wish them just the best of luck with their careers.


We as Pearl Project we  would like to  give Humanitas a big shout out! – Job Well Done.  Please we would love to have a new group again.’


Feedback regarding the interns from Bright Lights – due to the sensitive nature and confidentiality of the children that Bright Lights work with, not all information will be provided in full.  They have made several recommendations for future interns and will apply it with the next intake.

‘I have provided Mr Armand Prinsloo feedback and as I discussed with him, the children we serve have really been blessed to have had access to the two students, Jessica and Conan, for the past 3 months.

Overall, the Bright Lights team and the children have been very lucky to have had the two students join us in the work we do. With the amount of children accessing services from our organisation, individual counselling sessions are often hard to fit in. Having the students with us over the last few months has given the children an individual, private space to talk which has benefited them all. My colleague and I have really seen growth in some of the children since engaging with the students. 


We appreciate you availing your students to Bright Lights Drop-in Center and we hope that we will be considered for future practical placements for your students.’


Safe houses & survivors of domestic violence

Domestic violence and any form of abuse against women and children (and also against men) are the most vile and destructive crime. 

CPI SA is taking hands with selected local safe houses to support survivors of domestic violence, by registering them as beneficiaries of our Mercy bags (filled with toiletries) and also providing them with much needed underwear.

It is of utmost importance that we try and stop the cycle of abuse, as it has a devastating effect on communities, and it gets transferred from one generation to another if people are not educated about violence and the warning signs.  

It is everyone’s duty to ensure that we make our communities better, and therefore we need to support safe houses in their endeavor to educate women to break the cycle.


Be that Guy / Be that Girl - Everyday Heroes

BTG Everyday Heroes talks
Heroes Anonymous App
Geared for Life Youth Camps

Motivational talks on self-discovery, instilling positive core values, anti-bullying and drugs

JO BLACK and his brother, Willem, has been visiting schools around the country for many years with BTG EVERYDAY HEROES.

They have visited over 550 schools in 4 years. They contact the schools and then give a motivational talk about how we need to love and help each other more.

This initiative has received a phenomenal POSITIVE RESPONSE and reaches a staggering number of children and parents who support their cause. Bullying is a big problem in schools and takes on many forms, including cyber bullying. These talks include highlighting the colossal negative impact of bullying, and teaching the children techniques on how to deal with their everyday challenges.

In their experience working with schools over the last 4 years, they have found that, often children who are facing issues of bullying and abuse, remain silent about ongoing incidents, and eventually a child is at high risk of taking a drastic, emotionally-driven action without thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately many of these cases result in self harm/ suicide or harm of others.


Heroes Anonymous Mobile Application

HEROES ANONYMOUS is a JO BLACK/ BE THAT GUY initiative, which aims to stomp out negative behavioural issues in schools nationwide. These issues include bullying (in all its forms), abuse, violence, weapons, drugs and alcohol.

This tool gives children a voice, where incidents reported are dealt with delicately and confidentially, addressing the issue in its early stages, avoiding escalation. REPORT AN INCIDENT FOR YOURSELF OR SOMEONE ELSE, HEROES ANONYMOUS also helps children to take responsibility for their actions, and to be accountable toward each other… think twice before behaving badly because there is always a witness.

The mobile application is an anonymous reporting tool which allows students to submit incident reports to the school ‘CHAMPIONS‘ which include members of the school staff who are tasked to deal with such issues such as the headmaster, school counsellor, or any school nominated staff. Schools that are registered, provides an opportunity to their learners to download the application.  It has a feature that encourages good behaviour: NOMINATE A CHAMPION, and at the end of the year, the champion of the year will be rewarded with a prize.

Geared 4 Life Youth Camps

Willem Engelbrecht started GEARED FOR LIFE adventure camps.  

The camps are used as a medium from which they instill POSITIVE CORE VALUES in the children’s lives.

Turning youth into leaders through learning leadership and team building skills, in an environment with physically & mentally challenging outdoor activities.

GEARED FOR LIFE is a company that facilitates youth camps, events and leadership development with the purpose of raising young leaders, and empowering youth to reach heir full potential.

Their staff consists of people that have a passion to see the youth in South Africa thrive in life. 

They use their skills to empower young people to reach their ultimate goals.

Circle of Unity

Circle of Unity houses 18 children and young adults in a loving, caring home.  There are 3 foster mothers on the premises, and each child is cared for like their own.   CPI SA spoilt the children on Valentine’s day with a craft workshop, hosted by the talented Hildegard Barkhuizen from Hildegard’s Designs. Each child had the opportunity to design and make their own necklace, earrings and bracelet.

Everyone loved the craft session and really enjoyed being creative, especially those who were previously diagnosed with ADHD and autism. 

Baby goods and other items, such as an X-Box was donated, and man, the children are going to have loads of fun!!

It is such a blessing to be a blessing to others!

CPI SA will, in partnership with Humanitas Training, place interns at the foster home, to help with counselling for the children.  This is just the beginning of a wonderful partnership with this lovely foster home.

Tiny Bits Baby Bags

In a stable home environment, the arrival of a baby is one of the most wonderful events. That feeling that the new mom gets when she receives the news: “You are pregnant”, is one that immediately overwhelms her with love for the little person inside her. 

The new parents’ whole life changes in the blink of an eye. The days and months are counted down and the new mom monitors the baby’s growth and development.  

Family and friends are there to form a support network for the family and to help in any way possible.  

Unfortunately, this experience is not the same for all mothers. The words: ‘You are pregnant’, create fear, uncertainty and worry for some. In so many cases, these babies come into the world without any support network and people to care for them. 

Let’s pack a Tiny Bits baby bag full of love, care and compassion!  

The baby bags are provided to single mothers and mothers in shelters, as well as to institutions that care for babies who have been left with them by means of safety boxes. Baby bags are also donated to mommies in need on an ad hoc basis.  

Seeds of Sunshine

CPI SA is launching the Seeds of Sunshine project, and with the project culminating on the National Seeds of Sunshine Day on March 9 each year, CPI SA wants to bring people a piece of sunshine.  



Just like the sunflower that turns its face to the sun in difficult times, CPI SA wants to bring a piece of sunshine to people who quietly make others’ lives a little easier every day without expecting anything in return.

The project is very close to our hearts.  We are launching the Seeds of Sunshine project in memory of Gladys van Wyk. With her love for Jesus and her humble way of working, she planted thousands of sunflowers in South Africa. Her motive was always love – love for her fellow human beings, children, and the Lord. It all starts with love.  Our Seeds of Sunshine bags can be distributed to anyone, anytime.  

This includes parents who create a loving home for their foster children, the lady who wakes up early and misses out on walking her own children to school, to clean your home everyday, someone in the community who is always looking after everyone’s children, creating a safe haven for them to do their homework, providing them with a decent meal, etc.  These are the people who deserve a bag of sunshine!

Simply fill a bag filled with all things yellow  (e.g. Lays, jelly tots, chomp, yellow lip balm, a yellow smiley face chocolate, Tex), tie an appreciation note to it and brighten up somebody’s day

Pearl Project

The Pearl Project is a community development programme of ‘Helderberg Uitreik’.  

They help parents, the youth and children to find their identity in Christ and to reach their full potential. 

Their primary goal is to empower people to become self-sustainable.

They support a number of farming communities in the Helderberg.  By working with like-minded organizations and schools, they strive to optimally service the communities. 

CPI SA is truly honoured to be a part of this wonderful project.

The Pearl Project operates right where the people live, IN the community, FOR the community!

Two new interns from Humanitas Training have been placed at the Pearl Project in Croydon, at their Family Transformation Centre.

Anmar and Suzanne will help with much needed counselling in the community. Anything from sexual trauma, childhood trauma, physical and alcohol & drug abuse, etc are addressed.

Humanitas is a wonderful organization that provides counselling courses to graduates, which enables them to specialize as wellness counsellors. These interns need to work 220 practical hours in the community. We are excited about the positive impact that they are making at the Pearl Project.

They offer a variety of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Mobile library;
  • Evangelism;
  • Manual skills;
  • Creating a positive self-image;
  • Drug & alcohol abuse;
  • Youth camps;
  • Sport;
  • Needle work and other creative skills projects;
  • Poverty alleviation;
  • Food and clothing distribution;
  • Sale of stationary at affordable rates;
  • Vegetable garden;
  • Eco-bricks job creation project.


CPI SA has donated 3 tablets for Aunty Linda’s education centre, where the kids will have access to the internet to do research and homework.

We regularly donate clothing, and has donated two sewing machines towards their needle work project as well as a stove.

They are currently busy with a Brick – a – Meal drive, where they request the community to swop an eco-brick for a food parcel.  Non-perishable food can be donated towards this wonderful initiative.  Please contact their project leader Amanda at 0795167616.

Their eco-brick projects are taking off and they have already completed building a fire pit where the community can come together and enjoy a lekker braai!!

In loving memory - Gladys van Wyk

It is hard to talk about Gladys van Wyk without tearing up about her passing.  

She was a living angel, who touched and changed so many people’s lives in her short life. A true community giant, who lived for serving others, planting seeds of sunshine and Jesus’ love everywhere she went.  

From babies to the disabled, Gladys always reached out to help where help was needed.  

It was such a blessing to know her and to have been a part of her journey.  The Seeds of Sunshine project was launched in memory of Gladys, as we continue to plant seeds of sunshine along the way where her legacy lives on.

Tinktinkie pre-primary

It is such a privilege to partner with Tinktinkie Créche in Somerset-West.  Tinktinkie Créche forms part of the ACVV and looks after the children with great love and care.  

Most of the teachers and staff have been employed at the school for more than 10 years.

The playground needed some upgrading, and with the generous donation of paint by Prominent Paints, and with the help of  volunteer drama students from PNX Global Performing Arts in the Helderberg Rural area, we were able to give those old play tunnels some new colourful life. 

We love the way it turned out, and the children are enjoying their new playground.

Care Protect Invest-SA is humbled to help Tinktinkie in their endeavour to grow and expand.  When our CEO, Dinah Bronkhorst, visited from Gauteng in 2022, we surprized the teachers with 3 new tablets.

The school used to provide nutritious meals to the children every day, but during the covid pandemic, the kitchen unfortunately had to close. Care Protect Invest-SA, with the help of wonderful sponsors, helped them to re-open their kitchen in January 2023, and the school is now able to provide two nutritious meals to the children in their care. The school was also able to re-employ Aunty Priscilla (who was retrenched in 2020) as a chef, and she is loving every moment of preparing meals for the children.  

Now that the kids’ tummies are full, they are able to optimally learn. A full tummy equals a happy child.

If you would like to help us to sustainably keep the kitchen open, kindly consider a financial contribution, by either signing a monthly debit order or by making a once-off donation.  Send an e-mail to  


Ad hoc - Happy Feet day care

Happy Feet Day Care is in Rusthof, Strand.  They look after approximately 18 children during the day.  Care Protect Invest became involved with them recently and blessed them with much needed porridge and soya to feed the children, which we received from another project that we support – The Pearl Project in Croydon.

Our partner, Ackermans, donated a whole lot of warm puffered jackets and the children could wear them on a recent outing. The rest of the clothing which we donated could be distributed to children in the street where the day care is situated.

Tinktinkie créche blessed us with mattresses and other toys, etc, which they no longer use, and we were able to donate it to Happy Feet. This is just another example of how important community is!  Everyone helping each other, and spreading the love.

Ad hoc - Aunty Len's soup kitchen (Macassar)

Aunty Len’s Soup kitchen is a community based feeding project in Macassar.  It stems from Aunty Len, who fed and clothed the community for many years.  

After her passing, her daughter has continued her humanitarian work. 

Care Protect Invest SA is getting involved with their project, by donating much needed clothing and Hope Giving Food (dried food).

We are still looking for a sponsor who will be willing to buy the dried food at cost price (R20 per pack that feeds 6 people), so that we can provide the community with a nutrituous meal.

If you are in a position to make a contribution, please make contat with us.  Together we can alleviate poverty and hunger!

Ad hoc - Street Store Project

The global Street Store Project is a pop-up clothing store for the homeless.

Doxa Deo church initiated a similar project in Fisantekraal, just outside Durbanville, during May 2022. 

Care Protect Invest SA was part of the outreach. We donated clothing and also took part in the project by ushering community members from one stall to another to ‘shop’ for clothing. More than 1180 people (including children from all ages) received much needed clothing and food. People were also blessed with prayer.

This year, the project was held at Gordon Secondary School on 27 May 2023. Care Protect Invest SA have once again donated more than 15 boxes of clothing and shoes.  Each person could ‘shop’ for clothing and was given a cup of soup with a bun, as well as a bag of naartjies.  Several homeless people also came through the hall.  This is not just a once-off project where we ease people’s burdens for a day, but the main goal of the project is impacting people as human beings, and really showing them that someone cares for them, and that they are worthy and valuable.  

This is the way that we impact our communities and ultimately become city changers as God’s disciples.  We are humbled to be a part of this project each year.

Ad hoc - Mama Themba

Mama Themba is a non-profit project that services state hospitals in the Western Cape. They provide a care bag containing clothes, a blanket, products for newborn babies, as well as hygiene products for the mother. This includes mothers who have had premature babies and who are in kanga care. CPI SA is excited to be partnering with Mama Themba and have already donated much needed baby clothing and shoes.

CPI SA will add Mama Themba as a beneficiary and will be supporting them indefinitely. We love volunteering there to assist them with preparing the care packs. It was such a pleasure to meet with Lindy and to see what amazing work they do. Please support their worthy cause, as they do need all the help they can get to care for vulnerable babies. They also need donations of wool, as they have lovely woman who knit and crochet the most beautiful blankets, beanies, and clothes. 

Ad hoc - Rape Crisis Centre Helderberg

Rape Crisis Helderberg is a non-profit organization located next to Helderberg Hospital. They are committed to helping survivors of rape and abuse overcome their trauma through caring counselling.

Through our Mercy Bags project (which originated with the singer, Corlea, and Mamilla Fashions), CPI SA donated 10 handbags, filled with necessities (sanitary ware, washcloth, soap, cream, roll-on, wet wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, cookies, and sweets) and 30 pairs of underwear to the centre.

These handbags are given to victims of the atrocities when they arrive at the centre. Victims are examined by a medical doctor; statements are taken, and they receive much-needed counselling for as long as they deem it necessary.

CPI SA is happy to support local non-profit  organizations that share our goals: To make a difference in the lives of all people and to uplift and help them.

Feel free to support their charity shop, where you can buy the most beautiful second hand and new clothing and other items at great bargain prices. All profits go to the maintenance and upliftment of the centre.

Ad hoc - Project 1600

Making sure the kids of Lavender Hill had smiles on their faces over the festive season.  That was the main goal of Project 1600. This project was a collaboration between Care Protect Invest South Africa (CPI SA), Renate Vink from Holland and Free Food Kitchen.

Renate and her South African-born husband JP Skinner have a registered foundation named Stichting SOSA (Support Orphans in Southern Africa). CPI SA was responsible for the management and administration of Project 1600. Free Food Kitchen works on the ground and feeds thousands of people every day.  For Renate it is a calling to help kids in South Africa.  She buys Checkers vouchers online through Computicket.

The communities where Free Food Kitchen work in are very poor, but the people are resilient. We were able to bless the communities of Lavender Hill, Philippi, Hazeldean, Bokmakierie, etc. 

Care Protect Invest SA will continuously help Free Food Kitchen and SOSA in whichever way possible.  Together we can move mountains.