The vicious cycle of poverty and malnutrition

Good nutrition is not only important for good mental and physical health but is also seen as one of the main ways to break the cycle of poverty.

There are many benefits to eating a nutritious diet, including providing energy to your body, weight management, protection against chronic diseases, strengthening the immune system and preventing premature aging.

The lack of good nutrition has dramatic consequences, especially among children. This results in, among other things, malnutrition and poor nutrition. Malnutrition leads to children being hungry, underweight and experiencing stunted growth while poor nutrition can lead to micronutrient deficiencies or obesity.

Obesity in children is usually the result of wrong eating habits but there can also be medical and emotional reasons. Obesity in children can in the short-term lead to cardiovascular problems and infections while in the long run it can also lead to diabetes and other metabolic disorders. It often also results in emotional and social problems.

Good nutrition enables children to grow and develop while malnutrition can rob children of their future and even their lives. Impaired growth can result in children never being able to reach their full potential as it can dampen their physical growth and also cause their brain to not develop to its full cognitive potential.

Care Protect Invest SA believes that a full tummy feeds so much more than just a hungry child. a Full tummy means someone provides, someone cares and I can concentrate in class like my friends today. Micronutrients deficiency contributes to impaired body function and it prevents children from being able to learn and thrive academically while adults are not able to excel in their work. Impaired growth can result in a child never developing his or her full growth potential and can result in their premature death.

Good nutrition will allow children to enjoy more physical activity and improve their physical health to protect them from infection and disease. However, it will also help them to reach their spiritual development potential and educational capacity.

This is why good nutrition is seen as one of the main ways to break the cycle of poverty. Research shows that people who do not get good nutrition are not ignorant about what to eat, but rather that it is a matter of access to affordable healthy food.

a Childs basic needs are simple. Love, a warm bed and a plate of food. At Care Protect Invest, with every plate of food, we create hope for a child who is suffering.

Budget constraints result in people spending less on the amount of food and the quality of food purchased. They buy food that is filling rather than food that contains the necessary nutrients.

According to research the lack of good nutrition is directly related to poor income potential and poverty later in life as well as behaviour and emotional problems.

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Foster Care Club

Inspired by World Foster Care Month celebrated in November, CPI-SA in 2019 launched a Foster Care Club supporting South African Foster parents. The club serves as a connection to bring foster parents together.

Parents can send their:

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Bags of Mercy Initiative

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women (GBV). The Bags of Mercy Initiative mobilises women to become an invisible friend to an abused woman by gifting a handbag – old or new – filled with things that can make her rediscover her self-worth.

Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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Be a Santa to someone Project

Each Christmas we strive to surprise the children at our foster care homes and caring facilities with a special gift. CPI-SA asks the public to give a little piece of their heart by getting involved in the annual “Be-Santa-To-Someone” project. This way you can easily warm a child’s heart and put a cheer into an unfortunate child’s Christmas stocking.

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  • Training Environment programmes: Arthur Project, K9 Watchdog.
  • Transforming SA Children’s Courts to Child friendly environments.


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