Press Release Care Protect Invest South Africa 16 June 2020

CPI SA committed to building South Africa’s future on Youth Day

The youth agrees that COVID-19 and the national lockdown had a significant impact on their lives. South Africa celebrates Youth Day on 16 June. This year the focus is on how the youth can build the future of South Africa during COVID-19.

“I already knew what I wanted to study after school, but the lockdown gave me the time to think and dream about it in more detail,” says Kara Durie, the head girl of Centurion Highschool in Gauteng. “I realised how hurried our lives are, even at school. I now know there is a difference between working hard and overworking. It forced me to stand still and pay attention to what matters most, family.”

Marné Clase, a grade eleven student from the Oranje Girls School in Bloemfontein, agrees that her mental attitude changed. “Anything can change anytime, and you have to be able to adapt,” she says. “I think COVID-19 pushed us to grow up faster. I’m looking forward to returning to school, but I’m afraid of adjusting to a stressful environment as opposed to the happy schooldays we were used to.”

They agree that the lockdown lead to positive changes.

“I learned self-discipline and the value of good communication – for schoolwork and social interaction,” says Marné. Kara notes that online schooling taught her a valuable new skill. She realised how thankful she should be for having the opportunity to continue with schoolwork.

“When you hear about people who went hungry or did not have a safe place to sleep during lockdown, you realise how much you have to be thankful for,” she says.

Care Protect Invest – South Africa (CPI SA) sees how the need, especially under children, increased since the lockdown, daily.

“It is as important as ever to ensure each child has a full tummy and warm bed, but that they are also protected and supported during the unforeseen events like COVID-19,” says Dinah Theron, the executive head of CPI SA. “On Youthday 2020 CPI SA recommits to make a difference in the lives of needy children so they can help build the future of South Africa.”

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Dinah Bronkhorst – Executive Head Cell: 072 126 1158

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Foster Care Club

Inspired by World Foster Care Month celebrated in November, CPI SA in 2019 launched a Foster Care Club supporting South African Foster parents. The club serves as a connection to bring foster parents together.

Parents can send their:

  • Questions;
  • Messages; or
  • Thoughts and struggles to CPI SA.

We will reach out offering help.

Alternatively send us an e-mail:

Bags of Mercy Initiative

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women (GBV). The Bags of Mercy Initiative mobilises women to become an invisible friend to an abused woman by gifting a handbag – old or new – filled with things that can make her rediscover her self-worth.

Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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Be a Santa to someone Project

Each Christmas we strive to surprise the children at our foster care homes and caring facilities with a special gift. CPI SA asks the public to give a little piece of their heart by getting involved in the annual “Be-Santa-To-Someone” project. This way you can easily warm a child’s heart and put a cheer into an unfortunate child’s Christmas stocking.

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  • Bursary programmes granting children a prosperous future.
  • Counselling & Trauma support for sexually abused children.
  • Community Homes to support needy children/teens (Grade 1 to 12).
  • Skills Development programmes to combat unemployment: Soft skills, Handy work, Trade.
  • Development programmes: Financial Management, Safety and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Training Environment programmes: Arthur Project, K9 Watchdog.
  • Transforming SA Children’s Courts to Child friendly environments.


By means of our Foster Homes, Day Care Centres, FAS Caring Homes and Underprivileged Family Feeding programmes we offer individuals a safe place to live, learn and thrive. Please support our caring initiatives and feeding schemes.


CPI SA’s innovative interventions are designed to promote education, social and economic development. Thanks to the loyal support of individuals and companies we create opportunities for underprivileged people to rise above their circumstances by offering:

  • Study funds, Study Loans and Bursaries.
  • Education and Training.
  • Housing and viable community projects.

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