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Press release – African Achievers Awards 2022

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE African Achievers Awards

The 12th addition of the African Achievers Awards

Change of Venue

Following the sad news of the passing of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, considering
the period of mourning, in careful consideration of all parties involved and the interruption in
schedule for all, we have decided to keep to the original date of the African Achievers
Awards (AAA), but to change the venue.  The new venue; 170 Queens Gate, South Kensington, SW7 2AZ, London forms part of theImperial Venues of the Imperial College of London and will host the AAA Summit and
Awards evening.

This historic venue will set the field for the Summit and Awards evening creating
ample space for reflection and networking. This decision to continue with the AAA was not made lightly and stands to honour those who dedicate their life in public service.

In honour of Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, a section of the awards will be dedicated to the honour of HM The Queen to celebrate her legacy of believing in a higher purpose, and her capacity to use relationships to be a force for good in our world.

Queen Elizabeth II visited Africa 21 times during her 70-year reign. It is of great significance to us that the Queen made a speech on her 21th birthday on the African continent. Just five years before she ascended following her father’s death, she had said on this visit to South Africa: “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.”

This is a time of reflection for those selflessly and significantly dedicating their lives to the service of others. The African Achievers Awards has consistently and specifically honoured great African Achievers from African Leaders, Young Achievers, Community Builders to Captains of Industries across the continent. The Awards ceremony has undeniably become established as one of the biggest gatherings of influential and global African Achievers on the continent. Our Award ceremony has been rated by FORBES Magazine as one of the most prestigious award Ceremonies on the African continent.

We realise the significance of the AAA being held in London and are mindful and sensitive to all the UK citizens in this period of mourning. Every year the choice of venue is for the purpose of setting an international stage to Top African Achievers to showcase Africa, our magnificent continent and the depth of people we have.
It provides international recognition for the many excellent achievements that happen in Africa and gives an opportunity for Africans to network on a world stage.

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Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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