CPI SA verwelkom addisionele voorlegging oor aannemingsklousule in Wysigingswetsontwerp op Kinders

8 Oktober 2020

CPI SA verwelkom addisionele voorlegging oor aannemingsklousule in Wysigingswetsontwerp op Kinders

Care Protect Invest South Africa (CPI SA) verwelkom ‘n addisionele voorlegging oor die aannemingsklousule in die Wysigingswetsontwerp op Kinders. Die wetsontwerp poog om omvattende regsoplossings soos deur die Noord-Gautengse hooggeregshof beveel in die saak van die Sentrum vir Kinderregte teen die Minister van die Departement van Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling (saak nr. 72513/2017) om uitdagings met betrekking tot die voorsiening en administrasie van pleegsorg, te oorkom.

Die uitvoerende hoof van CPI SA, Dinah Bronkhorst sê die statutêre prosesse, ondersoeke en beskerming van weerlose kinders is van kardinale belang juis omdat hulle afhanklik is van prosesse en die uitvoer van bevele wat hulle lewens drasties kan verbeter of versleg. 

Die Wysigingswetsontwerp op Kinders het sedert dit aan die begin van 2019 onder die publiek se aandag gebring is, omstredenheid in die media veroorsaak. Kritiek is veral op die aannemingsproses gelewer, spesifiek die impak van die wetsontwerp wat aannemingsgeld onwettig maak, en spesialiste soos dokters, terapeute, sielkundiges en prokureurs by die aannemingsproses uitsluit.

“CPI SA het begrip vir die uitdagings in die groot hoeveelheid gevalle wat elke persoon wat betrokke is in die gesig staar, maar die erns van die saak mag nooit toegegooi word onder administrasie of werkslading nie. Ons vertrou dat hierdie aanpassings die huidige tekorte sal aanspreek en die lewens van dié wat afhanklik is van regverdige uitkomste sal hoor en verbeter.”

CPI SA is ‘n nie-winsgewende organisasie wat betrokke is by die opheffing van gemeenskappe deur inisiatiewe soos voedselverspreiding, pleeghuise, dagsorgsentrums en versorgingstehuise. CPI SA beskerm weerlose persone deur kinderhowe kinder-vriendelik te maak, en berading en trauma-ondersteuning vir mishandelde kinders, asook voedingsprogramme aan te bied. Die innoverende ingryping bevorder onderwys en maatskaplike en ekonomiese ontwikkeling. Besoek gerus https://cpi-sa.org.za/donate/ om te kyk waar jy ‘n verskil kan maak.

Vir media navrae kontak: 

Dinah Bronkhorst – Uitvoerende Hoof

Sel: 072 126 1158 

CPI SA welcomes additional presentation on adoption clause in the Children’s Amendment Bill

Care Protect Invest South Africa (CPI SA) welcomes an additional presentation on the adoption clause in the Children’s Amendment Bill. The Bill seeks to contribute towards the comprehensive legal solution as ordered by the North Gauteng High Court, in the matter of the Centre for Child Law versus Minister of the Department of Social Development (Case No: 72513/2017) to deal with challenges relating to the provision and administration of foster care.

The executive Head of CPI SA, Dinah Bronkhorst says the statutory processes, investigations, and protection of vulnerable children are of crucial importance because they depend on the processes and the execution of orders that can drastically improve or worsen their lives. 

The Children’s Amendment Bill has caused controversy in the media since it was first brought to the public’s attention at the beginning of 2019. The bill has been criticized on the adoption process, and specifically the impact of the bill making adoption fees illegal, and excluding specialists such as doctors, therapists, psychologists and attorneys from the adoption process.

“CPI SA understands the challenges the people involved in the enormous amount of cases face, but the seriousness of the matter can not be swept under the rug due administration or workload. We trust that these adjustments will address the current shortages and improve the lives of those who depend on fair outcomes.”

CPI SA is a non-profit organisation involved in uplifting communities through care initiatives such as food parcel distribution, foster homes, daycare centres and care homes. CPI SA protects the vulnerable by transforming children’s courts to child-friendly environments, offering counselling and trauma support for sexually abused children and feeding programs. 

Its innovative interventions promote education, social and economic development. Please visit https://cpi-sa.org.za/donate/ to see how you can contribute.

For media enquiries contact:  

Dinah Bronkhorst – Executive Head

Cell: 072 126 1158

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Foster Care Club

Inspired by World Foster Care Month celebrated in November, CPI-SA in 2019 launched a Foster Care Club supporting South African Foster parents. The club serves as a connection to bring foster parents together.

Parents can send their:

  • Questions;
  • Messages; or
  • Thoughts and struggles to CPI-SA.

We will reach out offering help.

Alternatively send us an e-mail: cpisacommunication@gmail.com

Bags of Mercy Initiative

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women (GBV). The Bags of Mercy Initiative mobilises women to become an invisible friend to an abused woman by gifting a handbag – old or new – filled with things that can make her rediscover her self-worth.

Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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Be a Santa to someone Project

Each Christmas we strive to surprise the children at our foster care homes and caring facilities with a special gift. CPI-SA asks the public to give a little piece of their heart by getting involved in the annual “Be-Santa-To-Someone” project. This way you can easily warm a child’s heart and put a cheer into an unfortunate child’s Christmas stocking.

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  • Bursary programmes granting children a prosperous future.
  • Counselling & Trauma support for sexually abused children.
  • Community Homes to support needy children/teens (Grade 1 to 12).
  • Skills Development programmes to combat unemployment: Soft skills, Handy work, Trade.
  • Development programmes: Financial Management, Safety and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Training Environment programmes: Arthur Project, K9 Watchdog.
  • Transforming SA Children’s Courts to Child friendly environments.


By means of our Foster Homes, Day Care Centres, FAS Caring Homes and Underprivileged Family Feeding programmes we offer individuals a safe place to live, learn and thrive. Please support our caring initiatives and feeding schemes.


CPI-SA’s innovative interventions are designed to promote education, social and economic development. Thanks to the loyal support of individuals and companies we create opportunities for underprivileged people to rise above their circumstances by offering:

  • Study funds, Study Loans and Bursaries.
  • Education and Training.
  • Housing and viable community projects.

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