CPI SA celebrates World Adoption Day

Care Protect Invest South Africa (CPI SA) celebrates World Adoption Day and hopes to raise awareness of adoption in South Africa. This special day is an educational opportunity that aims to support families with the adoption process and is endorsed by ambassadors from all walks of life around the globe who recognise the wonder and love of families brought together through adoption.

Hank Fortener, the founder of the adoption crowdfunding platform AdoptTogether, began World Adoption Day in 2014. He wanted to use one day in November as a time to bring people together in support of a mission: “A world with no more orphans, a family for every child.” CPI SA supports this mission.

The executive Head of CPI SA, Dinah Bronkhorst says adoption creates a safe space for a vulnerable child to live. She shares the following story that touched her deeply: “A while ago we went to fetch a little boy from the hospital – his mother had died of cancer. I recognised the social worker and noticed the small, slender blonde boy next to her. Shoulders pulled together, his head hanging low and his fingers clinging to a dirty ninja backpack, his only possession. I greeted the social worker and sat down next to the little boy and said to him: “Wow, you have a nice bag.” The child then looked into my eyes and said: “Auntie, my mom is dead” and I saw the pain and fear in his eyes.

Bronkhorst adds: “A house means so much more than a roof over our heads. For a child, it means enough food to eat, a plaster if he or she gets hurt and a warm bed to sleep in. The basic needs of childhood that are not necessarily found within the walls of luxury or poverty. A child who grows up in a home filled with patience, love, and care is anchored within the walls of family stability, safety, and security. Adoption creates a home filled with acceptance, a life filled with exuberant laughter, giggling, fun, and a closet with a name on it, in which that blonde boy can unpack his dirty ninja backpack – because he finally has a place where he belongs again,” says Bronkhorst.

For anyone who has been touched by adoption, November 9 is a great opportunity to honour and share your stories. Other ways you can choose to celebrate the day include:

  • Sharing your connection to adoption along with your smiley face photo and talking about what World Adoption Day means to you and your family.
  • Celebrating the birth culture of international adoptees today by making a meal from their country of origin, attending a cultural festival, reading a book together about their birth country, etc.
  • Honouring the memory of birth family members by lighting a candle, saying a special prayer together, or by writing them a letter or drawing them a picture.
  • Retelling the story of how your family came together, asking questions, and sharing memories.

CPI SA is a non-profit organisation involved in uplifting communities through care initiatives such as food parcel distribution, foster homes, day care centres, and care homes. CPI SA protects the vulnerable by transforming children’s courts to child-friendly environments, offering counselling and trauma support for sexually abused children, and feeding programs. 

Its innovative interventions promote education, social and economic development. Please visit https://cpi-sa.org.za/donate/ to see how you can contribute.

As part of CPI SA’s effort to raise awareness about adoption in South Africa, we ask the public to text the word SMILE to 40112 to donate R20 to CPI SA. This donation will make a huge difference in the lives of the children in our foster homes and care homes.

*Each SMS costs R20 and terms and conditions apply.

To celebrate World Adoption Day, draw a smiley face on the palm of your hand, take a photo and post it on social media using the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay.

For media enquiries contact:  

Dinah Bronkhorst – Executive Head

Cell: 072 126 1158