CPI SA Kort stories 13-19 April

  1. Ons is so dankbaar vir die 30 brode wat Nico le Roux van The Friendly Butcher vir ons afgelewer het! ‘n Broodjie is die vinnigste ding om ‘n klein magie vol te maak. Dankie dat ons altyd op jou kan staatmaak Anton Smith, vir die aflewering.


We are so thankful to Nico le Roux of The Friendly Butcher for the 30 loaves of bread! A sandwich is the quickest thing to fill up a tiny tummy. Thank you to Anton Smith for the delivery, we can always rely on you.

  • By Toekomstuiste spring ons almal in. Met tuinmaak bou ons pleegkinders saam aan hulle tuiste.


At Toekomstuiste we all help out. Our foster kids help build their homes with garden work.

  • Die Pleegmammas by ons Toekomstuistes is superhelde. Tussen alles deur speel hulle nog juffrou ook, want al is daar nie skool tydens inperking nie, moet skoolwerk steeds voortgaan. Klein handjies, slim lyfies en baie liefde. ❤


The Foster Moms of Toekomstuistes are superheroes. In between everything else, they have to step up as teachers as well. Even though there is no school during lockdown, school work needs to be done. Tiny hands, smart brains and lots of love. ❤

  • Daar word kliphard gewerk om die Toekomstuiste in die Kaap uit te brei. Die pleeghuis en huis van veiligheid is eenvoudig net te klein om in die behoefte te voorsien. Elke bietjie help. Raak deel van die projek deur die woord TUISTE na 40112 te stuur en so R20 te skenk.


We are working very hard to expand the Toekomstuiste in Cape Town. The foster home and place of safety are simply not big enough for the requirement any more. Every little bit helps. Support this project by sending the word TUISTE to 40112 and donating R20.

  • Ons Toekomstuiste-kinders kry elke dag voedsame kos wat propvol omgee is. Om ‘n bord kos teen R20 te borg, stuur die woord VOED na 40112 en maak ‘n magie vol.


The Toekomstuiste kids get nutritious food chockful of care every day. To donate a plate of food at R20, send the word VOED to 40112 and fill a tummy.

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Foster Care Club

Inspired by World Foster Care Month celebrated in November, CPI SA in 2019 launched a Foster Care Club supporting South African Foster parents. The club serves as a connection to bring foster parents together.

Parents can send their:

  • Questions;
  • Messages; or
  • Thoughts and struggles to CPI SA.

We will reach out offering help.

Alternatively send us an e-mail: cpisacommunication@gmail.com

Bags of Mercy Initiative

South Africa has one of the highest rates of violence against women (GBV). The Bags of Mercy Initiative mobilises women to become an invisible friend to an abused woman by gifting a handbag – old or new – filled with things that can make her rediscover her self-worth.

Abuse against women usually takes place behind closed doors:
Hard words where no-one else can hear.
Blows where no-one can see it.

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  • Bursary programmes granting children a prosperous future.
  • Counselling & Trauma support for sexually abused children.
  • Community Homes to support needy children/teens (Grade 1 to 12).
  • Skills Development programmes to combat unemployment: Soft skills, Handy work, Trade.
  • Development programmes: Financial Management, Safety and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Training Environment programmes: Arthur Project, K9 Watchdog.
  • Transforming SA Children’s Courts to Child friendly environments.


By means of our Foster Homes, Day Care Centres, FAS Caring Homes and Underprivileged Family Feeding programmes we offer individuals a safe place to live, learn and thrive. Please support our caring initiatives and feeding schemes.


CPI SA’s innovative interventions are designed to promote education, social and economic development. Thanks to the loyal support of individuals and companies we create opportunities for underprivileged people to rise above their circumstances by offering:

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  • Education and Training.
  • Housing and viable community projects.

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